Individual Accent Reduction Classes

This program puts you face to face with a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist specifically trained to be able to identify accented sounds and improve the clarity of your speech. He or she will provide you their full attention to build and follow an intensive class designed specifically around your needs. Following the initial speech analysis our specialist will develop a 8, 10 or 13 week program to address the issues found specific to your accent. These classes are effective for both foreign accent reduction and domestic accent reduction (for reducing regional accents).

This program includes:

  • A written Speech Analysis, in order to specifically identify what areas need improvement.
  • A customized plan, that identifies each persons needs to successfully reduce their accent.
  • Intensive, individual sessions with one of our professionals. (view our qualifications)
  • Between-session assignments, for practicing and applying what you have learned in the privacy of your home.
  • Speech Analysis Re-evaluation, for measuring success with before and after percentages, before and after audio recording samples and a detailed written report.
  • Self-Study Program, for continuing to improve on your own after the sessions have ended.
  • Free consulting for 6 months, one of our accent specialists will be available for brief phone consults or can answer questions via e-mail for up to 6 months after your accent program has ended.


  • Intensive one on one instruction.
  • Increased scheduling flexibility.
  • Location convenience - if you near our offices, we will come to you! (if you are more than 30 minutes from our office then additional fees may apply).(view our locations)
  • Clear before and after audio comparisons so you can hear how much you progressed!

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