Call Center Partnerships

As a Call Center, spoken language is your business - make it an asset instead of a liability.


  • Frustrated individuals calling for help, are further frustrated when they can not understand the person they are speaking with.
  • Callers are much more receptive to cross-selling and up-selling techniques when they can communicate comfortably.
  • Communication difficulties cause calls to last longer and decrease the efficiency of your employees.
  • Misunderstandings directly result in increased costs.
  • Your employees can connect more effectively with callers when they are not perceived as being internationally based.

There is growing frustration in the United States about unemployment due to outsourced jobs -- call centers are a favorite example of those opposed to outsourcing. Many US businesses are responding to customer frustration and demand by providing domestic Call Centers as a way of marketing their attention to customer service. This happens for a simple reason: many people have a difficult time understanding foreign accents over the phone, and are quickly frustrated by communication barriers.

Your reputation is on the line!

When answering phones at a call center, it is not enough to have excellent English language skills. Due to overwhelming trends in public opinion outlined above, callers associate your employees with strong accents as providing poor service. Furthermore, recent research indicates that a foreign accent makes it difficult for a speaker to establish credibility, and that native speakers are less likely to trust and believe individuals with heavy accents (read the research article here). This is an unfair judgement to potentially excellent employees. Help your employees and your call center succeed by partnering with us!

We can help your call center:

  • Increase the efficiency of your employees by reducing miscommunications
  • Decrease costs associated with hiring specialized employees
  • Increase effectiveness of your employees to close sales or provide meaningful support
  • Increase employee satisfaction and confidence

World Accent Management has a variety techniques and services designed to help your call center succeed by teaching your employees to sound and talk more like someone from the United States. Our trainers are certified speech-language pathologist and are all native English speakers that are from the United States. (View our qualifications here). We have specific programs designed to reduce accents, teach common idioms, and increase the conversational proficiency of your employees. Additionally, we can help your employees better understand English by teaching them to understand regional accents, regional slang, idioms, and more.

As an example we could:

  • Work in groups with multiple employees to provide general assistance and reduce common speaking errors.
  • Provide classes to teach common idioms and slang.
  • Help your employees better understand English, and introduce common regional accents and slang.
  • Work one-on-one with your most talented employees to help them excel and enter management or oversight roles.
  • Provide individualized speech analysis services to your employees to identify specific areas for improvement.
  • Analyze your company's specific needs to develop a program customized to your business.

Our San Jose, Costa Rica office can deploy one or more trainers willing to work in person with call centers anywhere in Central America. We also offer online distance training courses specialized for call center needs. In addition, we have traveling speech-language pathologists that can work in person with call centers anywhere in the world! Contact us today to discuss options!